Iconic Western Luxury & Style

Experience a new twist on the classic ranch experience at Turpin Meadow Ranch, where visitors experience the legendary American West in luxury and style. Plan an unforgettable Jackson Hole vacation to one of our upscale cabins with gas-lit fireplaces and custom handmade furniture, and take advantage of unmatched access to the Teton Wilderness and all the adventures that await, including Nordic skiing and snowmobiling, bird watching, fishing, horseback riding and more.

Our Wyoming guest ranch, nestled on the banks of the Buffalo Fork River, has an 80-year legacy behind it but was recently restored with renovations to the grand lodge, cabins and the addition of our new chalets. While pleasantly retaining its classic architecture, the lodge now offers modern features, including a roaring fireplace and our upgraded bar and patio, which stunningly frames sunrise and sunset views of the iconic Grand Teton and Mount Moran.


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With full views of Grand Teton National Park our newly refurbished cabins and chic chalets embody the essence of Wyoming’s untamed wilderness while ensuring our guests’ utmost comfort.


Gather with us at our timeless ranch lodge, where our chef presents a sampling of Wyoming’s rich flavors with every dish.


A legendary base for Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone adventures, Turpin Meadow Ranch invites guests to experience unforgettable dude ranch vacations.


Ranch History

Turpin Meadow Ranch dates back to 1887 when a young and ambitious cowboy and trapper named Dick Turpin built his cabin on these gorgeous lands. Drawn by the allure of unspoiled wilderness and abundant opportunities, he established a haven for weary travelers and aspiring ranchers alike. With unwavering determination, he claimed a vast tract of land, where he would eventually lay the foundation of what would become Turpin Meadow Ranch. The journey was not without its share of trials. Harsh winters tested his resilience, and the unpredictability of nature’s whims tested his resolve. Yet, Turpin endured, his spirit unyielding as he weathered storms and celebrated victories. He cultivated a spirit of community, forging bonds with neighboring ranchers and offering refuge to weary cowboys and pioneers seeking shelter from the wild frontier.

As generations passed, the stewardship of Turpin Meadow Ranch passed from the Turpin family’s hands, but its legacy endured. The ranch began welcoming guests in 1932 and has since served as one of the best ranches in Wyoming for both locals and visitors. Each new custodian carried the torch, preserving the ranch’s rustic charm and untamed spirit. It has become a sanctuary for horseback riding, fly fishing, and explorations of the nearby Teton and Yellowstone National Parks—a testament to the timeless allure of the West.

With the turn of the 21st century, Turpin Meadow Ranch embraced the opportunities of the modern world. Luxurious amenities merged seamlessly with the rustic historic cabins and untamed beauty of the surrounding landscape, ensuring that both old and new generations could revel in the harmony of past and present.