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At first glance, it would be easy to mistake the ranch for a traditional dude ranch. The lodge, cabin and chalets have the rustic exterior you’d be expect. The horse stalls and corral hint at a working ranch.

But step inside the lodge or any of the rooms and it becomes clear that we’re giving guests a refined experience.

“Our history is rooted in the traditional dude ranch,” said Ron Stiffler, our general manager. “But it’s evolved. Today, the ranch is a luxury retreat where guests come to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, take part in a wide range of summer and winter adventures, and rest and relax in a setting filled with creature comforts.”

Dude Ranch History

The first recognized dude ranch dates back to the 1800s when several brothers and friends developed the Custer Trail Ranch in the Dakota Badlands, according to the Dude Ranchers’ Association. The group was so proud of what they created that they wrote friends on the East Coast and encouraged them to visit.

Teddy Roosevelt, prior to becoming president, read one of the letters and began making routine trips to the area, eventually buying a ranch near the Custer Trail property, the association recalls. Roosevelt’s tales of hunting, fishing and ranch life in general encouraged others to trek West.

The expansion of rail lines helped push dude ranches into Wyoming and Montana.

Our History

Our guest ranch was founded in 1887 when Dick Turpin built his cabin on the banks of the Buffalo Fork River. We opened the doors to guests in 1932. Since then, we’ve hosted some pretty notable visitors, including Mrs. Herbert Hoover, Adlai Stevenson, John Glenn and Bob Dylan, who is rumored to have sung at the bar.

Ranch’s Evolution

We’ve gone beyond the typical dude ranch experience. Our guests aren’t helping with ranch chores or herding cattle. Instead, they’re spending summers taking horseback rides to experience the beauty of Wyoming. Or they’re casting fly rods into the nearby rivers and streams that teem with native cutthroat trout. Guests might go hiking in nearby Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Winter ushers in Nordic skiing on our 15 km of trails that were designed by Olympic biathletes. Our trails are groomed for skate and classic skiing. Fat bikes are welcome on the trails and there are four miles of single track for intrepid riders. Guests and visitors might also go snowmobiling or snowshoeing.

The Appeal

In between adventures, visitors to our guest ranch can rest in their cabin or chalet that is appointed with hand-crafted furniture, Pendleton blankets and bedding, and gas-powered fireplaces.

They can join others in the lodge for a drink in the lounge and sumptuous meals prepared by our chef who sources all of the ingredients from local farms.

Our combination of activities and amenities allow us to make the ranch appealing to a variety of travelers. It’s the perfect spot for a couple’s getaway, girls weekend, corporate retreat or family vacation.

So, while we pay homage to the dude ranch ethos, we strive to give our guests a much grander experience that allows them to leave behind their hectic lives and reconnect with each other and nature.

You would be surprised the way the night sky glows when you get away from the ambient light of the city. At the ranch, enjoying the night beauty above us is easy and the constellations that you can see from the ranch grounds are vast. We’re nearby one of the largest road-free areas in the lower 48 states, which means our dark sky location is a prime star gazing territory. Wondering what the night sky looks like tonight? Try out one of these apps to explore the night sky:

    1. Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy
    2. Star Tracker Lite- Night Sky Map for Star Gazing
    3. Star Chart

If you are interested in what’s happening in the sky this evening, visit our lodge and chat with our staff who can recommend some great places to go and star gaze at the ranch an the surrounding wilderness.

Jackson Hole is a hub for some of the finest dining in the West. Featuring hole-in-the-wall delectable eateries, five-star fine dining, and bottomless brunches – choosing a great place to grab a bite to eat is like choosing your favorite child, it’s downright hard. To make your dining choices a little easier, here is a list of some of the best eateries in Jackson Hole that you need to grab a bite at while you are in town:

1. Gather
A great place to stop by for some family-friendly dining or a quick bite, Gather offers weekly happy hour specials, hors d’oeuvre, and a spectacular menu that features a variety of vegetables, roots and the finest meats from local farms and butchers.

2. The Kitchen
With a vision of something different, the Kitchen delivers a dining experience unlike any other in Jackson Hole. The interior has an elegant design that creates remarkable ambiance that can only be rivaled by the serene seafood menu itself. Featuring exquisite seafood delicacies like Ahi Tuna, tempura shrimp, Artcic Char and seared scallops, The Kitchen is an excellent place to enjoy the best seafood in the west, in a refined restaurant setting.

3. The Bistro
A favorite among locals and visitors alike, Rendezvous is considered one of the culinary staples of Jackson Hole. Opened in 2001, this bistro has reimagined the traditional French and American dinner experience, providing a family dining experience with friendly staff and best-in-class eats.

4. Picnic
For the brunch-aholics out there, this is the place for you. Jackson Hole is a place where you must get outside to witness all of Wyoming’s natural beauty, so Picnic prepares excellent on the go treats and lunches for those who just can’t wait to get out and enjoy the wild. Offering fresh salads and homemade pastries Picnic is the perfect nook for those in need of a brief midday munch to refuel before adventuring around Jackson Hole.

5. The Lodge at Turpin Meadow Ranch
Located on the Turpin Meadow Ranch grounds, our lodge offers guests a truly western taste of Wyoming. With a rustic, welcoming atmosphere the lodge invites guests in to enjoy pasture-to-plate meals fresh from the ranch grounds. The menu pays homage to local farmers, foragers and ranchers that share the ranch’s vision of quality Western style that embodies the ranch.

Jackson Hole is ripe with excellent places to eat. If you are looking to find the perfect restaurant to satisfy your hunger, visit the lodge and ask our knowledgeable staff about your endless options in Jackson Hole.